How to Choose a Medical Billing System

A number of factors should be considered when selecting any software system. Consider a number of software vendors and hardware requirements before making the final decision. See a demonstration of each system and be prepared to ask these questions of each billing system.

Is it easy to learn and use?

  • Is the computer software written using "menus" for the user to select the next step in the operation rather than having to memorize a series of commands?
  • Is there a well written manual and "on screen" help if needed?
  • Will if force the office to radically change the day to day routine?
  • Is there an appointment scheduler?

What training will be needed?

  • How much training is included in the purchase of the software?
  • What will it cost to receive more training in the future?

What service will be received?

  • If there are problems with the software, or a question, who can be called?
  • How long is the wait for service? or an answer?
  • What will these services cost?

Who else is using the program?

  • Is there anyone else using the program to call for a reference?
  • How do they like the system and service provided?

What computer components will be needed?

  • What are the minimum hardware requirements needed to run the software?
  • Is there a backup - either by RW-CD / DVD or USB memory stick?
  • Is there the capability to submit claims via EDT? Does the hardware system have a modem installed?
  • What kind of printer is required?

What is the price and what does that include?

  • Is the price quoted the total cost of the program? or,
  • Is there an extra yearly service contract fee? or,
  • Is there an extra cost for program updates?

What else does the program do besides billing?

  • Some programs offer print-outs of the stored information to help in the management of the medical office. Some programs are equipped with word processors, general ledgers, WSIB billing (Worker's Safety and Information Board), RMB billing (out of province), third party (direct) billing, or statistical research capabilities, etc.

Ask these questions.......

  • which of these options will really be used?
  • which would be best purchased as a separate program or module?
  • what are they adding to the cost of the program compared to the price to purchase these separately?