Medcom Answers a Billing and Support and Research Service

Do you need answers to your OHIP billing questions?

Medcom Solutions provides Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOH) billing ourselves, we created MOH billing software, and we wrote the textbook used by Ontario community and private colleges to teach MOH billing. We have the expertise to get you the answers you need.

Medcom Answers is a single source for answers to the majority of your MOH billing questions. We can often research your question and give you an answer while you are still on the phone; however, as the name suggests, we can also provide a comprehensive written answer to your MOH billing questions within 24 hours for all but the most difficult questions. We do the research so you don't have to wade through the Schedule of Benefits and the Physicians' Resource Manual.

We provide this service on a "retainer" basis where clients purchase a block of time that they then use up. A block of time is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Any time not used within the year is forfeit; however, if a new block is purchased any remaining time from the original block will be added to the new block and carried forward. What this means is that if a client purchased 2 hours and had 10 minutes remaining, that 10 minutes would be added to the new block and not lost at the end of the year.

Disclaimer: This service is for MOH billing questions for Ontario medical practitioners not using our software or billing service. It is not designed to assist with any software or hardware issues.

Medical Billing Service

Do you have the time to complete your billing?

Are you maximizing your medical billing income?

Do you have an expert resource that you can access?

Do you need an expert to do your billing for you?

Medcom provides solutions to many issues you may be facing. We have the expertise in our staff and billing software to provide maximum returns with minimal input.

Medcom provides a confidential Ontario Health Claims (HCP), Reciprocal Medical Billing (RMB) and Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), billing service for physicians and/or clinics who choose not to do their own billing.

We can help maximize your income!


I have questions regarding office management, where do I go for help?

Medcom provides on-site office management consulting. Medcom can assist clients to choose the right hardware and associated software for their office and as well, can design customized programs. We can also modify our existing billing software to meet individual client needs.


I want a customized training session. Can you provide this?

Medcom provides specialized training programs for each individual client that best suits their needs. This could include Ministry of Health medical billing, word processing, accounting, Windows and other various software to enhance your office productivity.


What computer or printer fits my needs best?

Our on-site programmer and computer analyst can assist you from the decision making process to installation. We provide the support you need to ensure you acquire the most out of your investment.