Change the default print processor in Windows

It may be necessary to change the default print processor in the Windows printer settings in order for the label printer to function. The following steps documents the procedures necessary to accomplish this.

Step 1 Click the Start button, then mouse over Settings to open the submenu. Mouse over Printers and Faxes to open the list of installed printers.

Locate the label printer in the list and click on it to open the printer menu.

Step 2Click the Printer button in the top left corner of the printer window.

Click on Properties.

Step 3 Locate the Advanced tab in the top right corner of the print properties window and click on it.

Now locate the Print Processor button located in the lower middle of this window and click it.

Step 4 Select TEXT in the window on the right of this screen.

When TEXT is highlighted click the OK button

Step 5 Click the Apply button in the bottom right of the window to save the change.

The label printer is now set up to work with the Medcom Billing Program.

Reference Medcom Manual

Please refer to your Medcom Manual section SET PRINT PROCESSOR