How to set up a Label Printer in the Medcom Program

Step 1 From the main menu Go to U> setUp

Step 2 Enter T> Printer-setup

In order to set up a label printer in the Medcom Billing Program there must be a printer available in the printer set-up screen. A labeller can be set-up in any of printer 1, printer 2, or printer 3 as long as it is not currently in use.

Step 3 Enter a name or description to identify the label printer in the description field. Press Enter.

Step 4 Type DELT (for default) in the Port field. Press Enter.

Step 5 Clear entries in the regular and compressed print fields so they are blank.

Step 6 Enter through any remaining Printer Set-up, through printer 3, to the Forms section of the Printer Set-up

Step 7 In the first row, Printer, enter the corresponding number (Printer 1, 2, 3) that you chose.

Step 8 Select the correct paper type (found at bottom of screen) and place the corresponding number in the Paper Type Field

Step 9 Press Page Down and [A] Accept.

The Medcom Billing Program is now set up to use the label printer.


If the label printer does not use a paper size as shown above it may not work with the Medcom Billing Program

Reference Medcom Manual

Please refer to your Medcom Manual section SETUP LABEL PRINTER IN MEDCOM